tips for keeping your teen safe while driving

tips for keeping your teen safe while driving

  • 5 Ways To Stay Safe On A Road Trip

    Going on vacation in the form of a road trip can be an exciting adventure. Since you're behind the wheel instead of being flown from point A to point B, you have a lot of flexibility and the chance to be spontaneous. A road trip means getting to see parts of the country you might not otherwise get to see, and being able to stop off in charming small towns, national parks and other scenic areas.

  • Considering Being An Owner-Operator? 4 Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency For Used Commercial Trucks

    If you are considering becoming an owner-operator of your own trucking business and don't have the funds to purchase a new commercial truck, you may be concerned about fuel efficiency. The more fuel efficient your truck is, the better your bottom line will be. Owner-operators can see a difference in their profits based on how fuel efficient their trucks are. When you drove for someone else, you didn't have to worry as much about being fuel efficient as you will as an owner-operator.

  • Tips For Protecting Yourself When Buying A Used Car

    Buying a used car from a reputable dealer is the best way to ensure that you will get a good, reliable car that will not end up being a lemon. No matter how good the dealer is though, there is always a chance that something major will go wrong with the car you purchase, and that is why some states have lemon laws for cars. Before you buy a used car, it's important to understand what these laws are and how they work in your state so you can protect yourself and your investment

  • Five Considerations For First-Time Car Buyers

    If you're about to purchase your first vehicle, there are several things to consider. Being inexperienced won't place you at a disadvantage if you arm yourself with knowledge. Your auto dealer can address your concerns and inform you of incentive programs for first-time buyers, but you need to organize your priorities beforehand. Before you set out on your new car buying venture, consider these five important aspects: 1. Your Budget

  • Car Won't Move & Makes Grinding Noises? Here's What To Check

    Imagine this—you start your car and put it into gear, but it won't move. You push down further on the gas peddle and hear a grinding noise. Your car could have a problem in the transmission. Automatic transmissions take 60 steps to replace, which is why replacing one is one of the most costly repairs that can be made to a vehicle. This mini-guide will give you an idea of what could be wrong and what to check.

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tips for keeping your teen safe while driving

Are you preparing to put your teenage son or daughter behind the wheel of a car for the very first time? Is your car ready for that? Having gone through this myself three times, I have created a checklist of things to inspect on my vehicles before allowing my kids to learn how to drive in them. I have worked with my mechanic to create a pre-driving inspection that can ensure that my kids are as safe as possible as they learn how to drive. Take a moment to visit my site and learn a few tips that can help keep your teenager safe while learning to drive.